Friday, October 31, 2014


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Friday Cat Blogging

The Blech Witch Project

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The more things change...

And I'm back! I was sick and now I'm not.  Yesturday, I was hoping I would just die and tonight I went out for Chinese.  Its been a long couple of days.

I decided that  I wanted to experiment with leggings and I bought a pair (cheap), and is turned out, much to mu shock, I like them and I don't look that bad in them! They are so comfortable and light, its like wearing clothes without clothes. I could get used to this feeling. I want to wear these all this time! I asked the internet
Where Can I Wear Leggings?


And I said But, if I can only wear them under skirts or at home, why do they make them to look like regular pants?

And the internet said ; THOSE ARE FOR WHORES!

That pisses me off.  I know I've seen a lot of women wearing them and while, granted, some of them are whores, most of them are not,  and really, almost anything can be whored up, its up to the wearer. A real whore can make anything like whorey, its a skill. I think I can wear them without looking like a whore.

I could wear them to the mall, with a big sweater, and most of my sweaters are big
, because of most of my sweaters are left over from being bought to wear with stirrup pants, back when they were in fashion and they were essentially  and early version of leggings anyway.
I will probably never be brave enough to wear them in public.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Young dog has had a very exciting few days. He got to take a very long trip in the car, he got to play with his favorite people, he got to take a trip on a boat and then another long trip in the car and then today. he got to go back to his shrink!

Before he even saw the shrink he met a new friend! I should have been more careful about letting him meet new friends in the dog shrinks office because most of the  dogs at the dog shrinks office aren't there because they are neurotics, most of the dogs are there because they are psychotic . It is important to be very polite to psychotics.

Rocket is friendly to everyone regardless of their diagnosis. We marched right up to the largest dog I have ever seen and said Hi! My name is Rocket! Here is my throat! Weee! Lets be friends! . We did this not very smart thing to an Irish Wolfhound, the largest Irish Wolfhound in the world, easily taller than my eight year old neice, while he was standing, not even sitting when the look taller. He weighed in at twice what Rocket weighs and  is young  and growing! A huge dog that was there for behavioral issues and I'm all up in his face Hi! Puppy! How are you? Aren't you a good puppy!. Rocket may not be the only  one who needs a shrink.

We saw the doctor who gave me permission to up his meds under stressful situations and directed me to ry to get him to spend more time in the crate while I am in the house, to get him more comfortable with being in there if he has to be in a crate for whatever reason. I all ready tried it out and he was fine, he took a nap. This was in his box in my room while I puttered around and did laundry. Not really a challenge, but a start.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Had a lovely weekend,  visited with my parents, shopped and bought consignment, had a great dinner out, went on a Ghost Walk through historic New Bern and went on a boat ride. And how was your weekend?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

The Cutest Loser

We didn't win the costume contest or the cutest dog. We didn't enter the cutest dog, but if we had, we would have lost.

We lost the costume contest to a lab mix who just had massive sinus surgery, a pug that came dressed in Starbucks cups - Pugkin Spice Latte and a chiwawa with rain cancer. Brain Cancer. A chiwawa with brain cancer! Who can compete with that?! The next time I'm daft enough to enter Rocket in one of their contests I'm going to have to come clean about his Separation Anxiety and  how destructive he can be, and all his meds he takes every day and the fact we go to the Vet School for treatment. I have to be honest and open about how pitiful he really is.But he isn't pitiful! He's healthy and strong and friendly and wonderful! He's almost perfect and I don't want to shame him by spilling all his secrets.

Big dogs don't have much of a chance either. The winners are always adopta-puppies, very small dogs, or rescues with tragic back stories. Pure breds from breeders have no chance in hell. This is making me feel very small. I am small. The tiny brain cancer chiwawa was dressed as Bat Man and his ears were bigger than Rockets'. He  also snapped at Rocket, but he was cute. Please note Rocket is also very cute and he did not snap back.

I want them to have different classes, I think that would be better. They could have the Puppy Dog class, the Tiny Dog class, the Rescue Dog Class and  the Sick Dog. So a healthy adult dog doesn't have to compete against an eight week old lab, a  heartworm positive suspected bait dog rescue from the streets, or a three legged dog with an upper respitory infection. It would be more fair. I mean let the heartworm and the three legged dog duke it out, let the tiny dogs see who is the champion  not-cat is, and let the other dogs see who is the cutest healthy animal is.

Every month its like a contest to see which dog is the most pitiful, whose back story  is the most disturbing, and who is the most sad.

I did win $25 in the raffle and that made me happy but I was not happy that the same person won four different times. Mix the tickets up a bit! Limit how many times a single individual can win! Something, anything! Let My Dog Win all ready!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best Psychic Friends

You know you are starting your day off right when you discover first hand that your dogs poopy bag has a hole in it. On the other hand,  the rest of the day can only get better

If you are keeping track, Rocket started his new meds on Saturday morning and he hasn't had another episode since. I've been checking in on the monitor more frequently than I had been and he spends the day sleeping or idly playing with his toys. He didn't used to play with his toys, he would sleep or just sit there o the futon watching TV or  blankly into space, is hard to tell.

 I want him to play with his toys, I want him to feel calm enough to play with his toys. SInce he started the new meds he also eats his food! He has never eaten when I'm not here, he's been too freaked out to be hungry. Progress is being made. Its too bad though that it all has to be meds that do this. It would be great if he could go talk to someone and work though his issues and find the causes for his problems and work towards solutions and adding tools to help him keep episodes from happening in the first time.

It would be great if he could talk. I call the behaviorist his shrink, but what if you could actually take your dog to a therapist? That would be awesome. It would be expensive and not covered by your pet insurance, but I bet it work miracles.

Of course, you can take your dog to a Animal Communicator  who will mind meld or whatever, with your pet and uncover its deepest secrets. I read a few testimonials and it seems horse owners use their services frequently ( and made me feel much, much less obsessed with my animals).  I just think I don't want to know my pets deepest darkest secrets! They deserve their privacy and what if their deepest secret is that they hate me?!

I don't think Rocket could "tell" anyone about his episodes, he doesn't  know why he gets upset, he just gets upset. Its a chemical thing and it is beyond reason and control. I think he does not enjoy this episodes and he would rather doze or play with his toys and listen to the TV  then tearing into doors and pacing and panting and barking. I assume this because I don't like anxiety, maybe he think this episodes are awesome and a lot of fun.

I doubt it though and I don't wonder about it enough to consult a pet psychic... unless Broskey and Alphagals neighbor the Pet Psychic wants to do some pro-bono work...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I was going to write an entry but then I decided that dozing on the couch while the dog acts as both  my pillow and  a white noise machine, was  a more pressing concern.

I also need to pack, put away laundry and decide what to wear to work tomorrow.

I couldn't be pried off this couch by a back hoe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday was a better day. Rocket was in daycare all day, but I "had" to go to Wallyworld for a few things and I left hm at home. I gave him his meds as directed and went on my way.

I checked in on him on the monitor and he was calmly hanging out on the futon and when I cam home he had eaten his food! This was a pretty big deal as he usually does not eat when he's alone. He's too busy being anxious and unhappy. I wish I had been able to give him his new meds in a more timely manner and maybe we could have avoided Fridays trauma.

This weekend I got my flu shot and for the first time in years I'm pretty sure I got  a very diluted flu. It may be a baby flu but I still have periods of not wellness. I felt like crap for most of Sunday until I all of a sudden didn't and then by the time I got home from  an unsuccessful shopping trip, I wished I had just stayed on the couch.

When I was housebound, I discovered that a healthy application of kitty floof made me feel much better. I think Kitty could tell I was not feeling well because he let me hold him in place for a lot longer, more frequently than he normally does. He was so into togetherness, he came and camped out on my chest at 3:45am. I couldn't make him leave because even half awake, I wanted him know I was glad he was with me, even at a quarter to four in the morning.

Rocket was also a lot more willing the share the couch with me too, normally, he doesn't really feel that my couch is really made for two. On Sunday, he let me share the couch with him and it was very healing.

Monday I woke up hurting but a couple of aspirin and I felt much better. I had some really good soup for lunch at a fundraiser and it made me feel better for the rest of the afternoon. I decided to take it easy and cut out the walks until I'm feeling more up to it, I am hoping that  it clears in the next day or so because I didn't get a  flu shot so I could be sick with the flu.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday was not a good day,

Okay, so Friday was not a good day for Rocket. He completely lost his shit before 7am, tore up the closet door and after he broke in, he pulled out just about everything in there. I only discovered it because I checked him out on a whim and watched his freaking out. I didn't go home until I saw that he had opened the closet door.

What I found when I came home at 7:15. I had left less than an hour before.

Fortunately, my boss was out Friday and I was able to sneak home and clean up the damage. I had forgotten that I had stowed the ingredients for his dry shampoo in there, there was also Daisy's old bones and her blanket. He did not bother the blanket or the bones, so that made me happy. I did have to get rid of the bones as they were covered with baking soda and baby powder and they were ancient and chewed up and I probably should have gotten rid of them years ago. But I didn't because they were Daisys'! and they were very important to her.

She isn't here anymore and they needed to go, she would understand. I wasn't that attached to them while she was living and I shouldn't have become attached to them after she was dead so I'm going to get one out the trash, just because.

I got the mess cleaned up and took him out to pee and then through him back in the room and went back to work. He slept on the couch for the rest of the day, as he does almost every day. I don't know what happened to bring on that fit, but I'm hoping his new meds that I FINALLY got from the pharmacy will keep it from happening again.It seemed to work for him on Saturday when I went boot shopping.

I was unsuccessful and the boots were tragic. It turns out my calves are too thin for this years boots! Nothing fit the way I thought they should have. I didn't leave empty footed though, I scored two more pairs of  shoes  in the style I bought previously and now I have two more colors. I brought the brown home and await the black to be sent to me.

I thought it was geeky to buy the same shoe in multiple colors but the clerk told me people do it all the time and it was not geeky at all . I still think its a little geeky, but they are very nice shoes!

When I came back on Saturday I took Rocket to Dix  and wandered around looking at stuff to see if there was any stuff I might need, because you never know. I found some lovley abanabded tomaotoes and donated them to my friend who really likes tomaotoes and I also looked into the very sad, orphanded greenhouse

The entire back of it is full of dead snake plants. There are many things in there that they could give to me, there is a very lovely, well made composter that should be mine. I'm going to ask around.

Later, I tried an experiment on the very awful, pee damaged, damaged before the dog, office floor.

Successful! Yay!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Finally a shot of the cat where he is not hiding under the bed or camped out on a table top!

Happy Friday

This weekend I am going on a Halloween Tour of Houses ( exteriors only)/ History Lesson in Oakwood. I went on a Christmas Tour of Homes ( Interiors) a few years ago and it was fun but I think the Halloween version is better because its DOG FRIENDLY! Weeeeee!

Also. Dog Cookies, Dog Cookies, Dog Cookies. Possibly laundry.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The differences between cats and dogs

The cat does not like it when I make assumptions about his level of comfort. I am wrong and he is right and whatever he is doing at a given time is his ideal activity.   If he wanted to be cuddled, he would make himself available for cuddling and he is not available at this moment. Non-consensual cuddling is a crime! He asks that I have this embroidered on something, my forehead comes to mind.

I think he would be happier tucked under my hoodie where I can cuddle him and take advantage of his floofiness. His little head can poke out the neck hole and he can give me head buts and we can both be happy. He prefers to stay on the dining room table on a bed of cookbooks.

So I went to see the dog who is always up for a good cuddle, but stretching out with the dog on the couch isn't really conducive to  doing anything else at all period, unless your to do list is :1) Fall asleep on the couch. if he were small enough to be tucked into my hoodie you can bet he would love every minute of it! Because dogs would spend all their time inside your clothes if they could and if you would agree to carry them around inside your clothes! OMG! Dog nirvana!

Your cat sees  the exact same scenario  as false imprisonment and kidnapping. The only reason that cats  haven't sued us into the ground and don't rule the world as our evil overloads is that they can't speak and  they don't have the manual dexterity to text. If you can't call a lawyer, you can't sue. I am sure they are working on this.