Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

I couldn't make up my mind! The top one is a setting on the camera itself called "painting" and the bottom one captured him at his  most Ace-yness.


Before I left the house this morning I told the dog night, night and the informed the cat of my itinerary for the day, because its important to him, he cares about me or he throws kitty raves, I don't know.

I left the dog in his room and the cat in the kitchen.

And then I came home for lunch. The cat was no where in sight, but the dog was in the kitchen. Awesome.

He hadn't torn anything up and I have no idea how long he had been lose but I didn't get the feeling he had been out for long,  I think  the sound of the alarm being remotely disarmed- it talks, may have been a trigger for him. I turned off the alarm about a half hour before I left for home and he may have been out since that happened. He was a good boy though, no damage and no pools of pee for me to find, so some silver lining.

He did seem a little wound up to me and he was panting, a sign of anxiety and something I watched him do on dog spy in the bad old days ot after he has been shut away for whatever reason. OR he just really needed to go outside, he hustled me out the door right away so he he could relieve himself and normally he's grabs a toy and trots into the living room and hangs out, so maybe he's just super potty trained . No one had a longer potty training phase than he did, the anxiety peeing  made me think he couldn't hold his water - he could he just couldn't.  I mean after a few months of every-half-hour pee breaks he couldn't have helped but become potty trained! He's so potty trained he has learned how to open the door to let himself out.

I need to get a lock for his door. Before I went back to work, I put him back in his room and shut the door. I spent the afternoon checking him out on dog spy and he slept all afternoon and made no further attempts to get out of the room. When I was getting ready to go home after work  I did not turn the alarm off until I was in the driveway and then I watched him on dog spy to see what he did. He was still behind the door in the office but the alarm being disarmed did very much get his attention and I don't l  know how long he would have waited for me to get him out before he took matters into his own paws.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Escape Artist

I went to Walmart yesterday night because I had just been there the day before and so of course I had to go back. I know that weekdays are like stupid and nobody likes them because they are boring, but that isn't a reason to not have at least a skeleton crew scheduled. The store was full of people and we were all in line, in The Line .

Walmart isn't just evil, they are mean.

While I was waiting, I decided to check out how Rocket was doing on Dog Spy. It was too hot to bring him, or I would have left him in the car but I left him at home, in his room, with the door closed instead.

Being on vacation apparently rotted my mind .

I casually checked Dog Spy, as I have been doing two or three times a day since I came back, just  to check how he's doing and lo and behold, the footage reveled that the door to the room was open and there was no dog to spy on.

I had forgotten that he could open the door at will. It was a big deal before I left for vacation and it completely slipped my mind. The only reason he stays in the room during the day is because apparently he wants to, because he can pop the door open in a heart beat once he decides he needs a change of scene. I was a little surprised that he remembered the skill after not being able to practice it for a month.

He came right back to him.

Fortunately, he was a good boy while he was lose in the house and there was no damage. The cat didn't even seem particularly flustered. Rocket seemed a little guilty, as I came home, as well he should have been! He knows I don't want him leaving the room once I put him in there! He knows the rules! Gawd!.  For his part the dog wasn't displaying any signs of freak-out-level anxiety, he wasn't panting or pacing or barking or slobbering or any of the things he does while freaking out.

I think he did freak out, but that was cured when he got out of the room.  He  got distracted from his mania by the taste of freedom and, drunk with joy, took a celebratory nap - For whatever reason, he didn't destroy anything in celebration of his escape from bondage. This time.

I don't want a next time. There are avenues to pursue:

1.Get a new lock for that door
2. Dig a moat in the hallway.
3. Arm the cat with a tranq gun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rule Breaking

So after a long day at work - for reals! I got to work at my regular time, a half hour earlier than I'm scheduled because I like to get my work done  in a timely manner and if I suddenly started to show up On Time I would be behind before I even started.  We had one of our twice monthly meeting last week, so I was safe. I came in I did my thing and at four, I was ready to leave. I was still in the office at five after, when I got a call from my boss asking if any of us were planning on attending the meeting. I cheerfully told her that we had the meeting last week and , no we were not planning on attending this week but she was cute for making a funny.

She wasn't being funny. We had a meeting.  Apparently, last< week was  the one she was "joking" about and it was this  week was the "real" meeting. I had a very long day. She'll be pissed when she figures out I worked as extra hour - not that it matters, getting approved for over time is almost impossible and she would rather pay me the money out of her own wallet then  put in for my over time. And I would still be in trouble for something, I'm not sure exactly what.

I eventually made it home and found an issue of Vogue on my back steps, it was too big to make it through my slot and too important to leave out on the porch. It weighs more than my purse and has about a zillion pages. I haven't even cracked it open because I didn't have the time to dedicate to Fall as yet. I can't wait to find out what I'll being buying at TJ Maxx in two years! Being a Maxxinista is kind of saying that you are really into wearing vintage. Anyway. It will be fun and I could inflict some rather nasty blunt force trauma if I had to hurl it at someone.

Vogue writes and enforces "the rules". Vogue is the rules, I doubt that Anna Winter tolerates fashion rule breakers in her area code much less in her magazine. I think I'm going to enjoy hate reading this even more than I enjoy hate reading Architectural Digest!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The first real day

Its good to feel needed again. I got up this morning and I had purpose! I couldn't waste time or dawdle, I had things to do! I was needed!

Dogger and I went for our first pre-dawn walk in a month and we came through it like champs. Dog did not want his breakfast, but I lay the blame on that at the  feet of the sudden absence  of my fathers' special just-for-the-dog bacon breakfasts. He ended up eating all of his bacon free kibble, but it took him all morning and he was unhappy about it. Reality doesn't intrude often into the life of a pampered house pet, but when it does, its traumatic and unexpected.

Today was also the first day in a month that he spent any appreciable time by himself. We had to inconvenience ourselves frequently on vacation to make sure he was always supervised because last summer we trusted him to be able to hold it together and we got burned. Learning from our spectacularly destructive failures last summer, this summer he had one-on-one all the time and there was always someone watching him. I was afraid that this would make for  a difficult transition for him to go back to having alone time, but he seemed okay.

Whenever I tuned into Dog Spy, he was sprawled out on the futon, but he was awake and alert, a couple of times he was clearly sound asleep, but the day was punctuated with more periods of wakefulness than he normally experiences. However, he didn't seem particularly anxious or upset during these times,  he was just "not asleep".

I am choosing to see this as a positive change and maybe as a sign of growth for him. It wouldn't hurt him to spend more time alert and playing with his toys or watching TV. Normally, he sleeps a lot, like all day. Not that this is a bad thing, a sleeping dog isn't pacing wildly or clearly anxious and unhappy, but being conscience at least off and on over the course of the day isn't a bad thing either.

It felt really good to have my routine back. I didn't realize how much I missed it or how easy it was to just fall back into it or how comfortable it was. I'll be completely over it in a  few weeks but for right now, it made me feel like I had really come home.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Home at last

While I waited for him to get home,  I got the back yard beaten back into shape and celebrated my birthday, to that end, I am now officially cooler than you are.

Unless you are an actual biker, then you rule. But otherwise? Winter? Bring It.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

King of my castle! Lord of my Realm! I am The Man!


Real Life Sucks

1. I got my lawnmower back so now I have to mow my own lawn.
2. I also have to do my own laundry.
3.Shopping for myself sucks too.
4.The house doesn't clean itself either.
5.I can't find the right pine cone sheets to properly make over the upstairs.
6. I now want to paint the Chinese trunk red.
7.I may have to go with fabric instead of sheets for my curtains.
8.The dog comes home on  Sunday.
9. My birthday is Saturday.
10. You get fewer birthday greetings on Facebook if your birthday falls over the weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


More adjustments

1. The yard has not stopped growing out of respect to the  lawn mower being sick.
2.Netflix thinks I took their movie hostage, I am going to send it back out of spite.
3.The suitcase has so far failed to to take itself upstairs.
4.The front porch plants haven't sorted themselves out yet, they could have but chose not to. Dicks.
5.The cat is very moody.
6.The dog is still not home.
7. I keep checking the couch for him.
8.It does not make me happy to park in the sun.
9.Is it too soon to wear a wool skirt to work if the building is really cold?
10.Bleeping "fuck" does not make you edgy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Still more things to get used to:

1. My local library is neither handy nor dandy.
2. There is nothing to do when I come home from work.
3. The more work other people have to do for you, the less of it they will do.
4. They will do even less of  what little they do do, correctly.
5.The dog is still not here.
6. The cat is not a dog.
7.No matter how early you go to bed, it does not make the alarm go off later.
8. You can not check your email on a paper back novel.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcomed Back

More things to get used to

1. My new office is on a different floor, on the other side of the hallway.
2. My old view was better.
3. When they moved my office they didn't move everything.
4. Its freeing have nothing in my desk drawers.
5.I woke up this morning and had nothing to do.
6. Rain doesn't matter.
7. I don't have to walk the dog in the dark.
8. I don't have to walk the dog in the rain.
9. I can turn my burglar alarm on whenever because I will not being going out again.
10. I can go to bed whenever I want to.
11.The exerbike makes my legs sore.
12.The cat kind of likes me again.
13.I didn't have to go home for lunch.
14.I took my lunch to work in a bag.
15.I ran errands during lunch .
16. I ran errands after dinner.
17. I can park in the sun.
18. I can be inside for as long as I want,
19.I didn't have to put my dinner away when I had to  get up to go to he bathroom.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcomed Home

Things to readjust to, in no order.

1. Driving
2. TV
3. bed side clock
4.getting up in the morning
5.Having a schedule
6. Air Conditioning
7.Southern accents
8.No dog to walk, for a week!
9.The kitty hates me
11. Burglar Alarm
12. All concrete all the time
13. No waves
15. Up-to-the-minute news
16.Traffic noise
17. work
18.No one to talk to

My vacation in pictures taken by my phone. Google-styled