Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

My own private Eldon, day 4/ Garden 2015 update 2

Today "we" are still sanding. Four days of sanding! They did paint the ceiling yesterday, so I know Eldon is sleeping better.  He is going to come to the house at lunch Friday to hopefully, finally get to painting, at last. He  also plans to be here at 8am Saturday morning.

Which means I am going to be up and moving at 8am Saturday morning too. I have to say that being up and ready to greet Eldon at 8am Saturday morning was not really on to-do list for Saturday. However, it does mean that I will be getting the garden in the ground this weekend. I could have bought plants this evening if I was not PARKED IN AGAIN ELDON.  Now, I will get them after work from the Farmers Market, at least, most of them. There are a couple of tomato varieties that they sell at Wally and they have worked well for me in the past and I'm not going to mess with what has worked.

I'm still up in the air about the corn. I'm not sure.

But first I have to get the weed barrier down, and I'll do that first thing. I still can't get into the broom storage so I can't get to my rake and I really need to rake the garden so its more flat and less not flat. I want it to be flat. No amount of weed barrier to going to correct the surface I am working with now . I'm going to have to do it by hand? I could use boards like they do for wet cement? That would work to smooth it out? Yes, I think it would. Hard work is good for us.

But back to Eldon. Today it finally occurred to me that they used a vast schmatta to cover the garbage on the dining room table but left my  couch and chair open to all the dust and debris  and now they are filthy and I'm going to have to vacuum the hell out of them whenever I get the space back.

Also. Should I paint the furniture this weekend? When I am not working like a dog on the garden? This is the best time, really when I think about it, they aren't in use, I have lots of nice daylight and they have plenty of time to dry before I really need then again. I would have also bought paint this evening IF I WASN'T PARKED IN AGAIN, ELDON. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Own Private Eldon, day 3

Tuesday I wore shorts when I walked the dog, because it was warm bordering on hot. I had planned on wearing a skirt to work on Wednesday because it had been so warm I didn't want to wear pants, but sadly my skirts,  no longer fit. Which is a good problem to have, but not at the last minute. I had to change to slacks that do fit- which turned out for the best because this morning when I picked up the paper it was cold!!  Not warm! Its April! And then it never got warmer, all day.

In Texas, once it got warm it was warm, it was contractual thing. It was warm, it got hot and that was how it went. It wasn't warm and then cold, and then warm again and then maybe in several months time it got cold, but none of this "warm on Tuesday, cold on Wednesday", this is nonsense. The weather was ugly mean and nasty, but it followed the rules like an adult. It did not screw around with us. If I put the long sleeves away I put them away because there was no chance in hell that I was going to be seeing them again until deep into fall.

Today, if I had walked the dog after work, I would have worn a coat. A coat. But I didn't walk the dog after work because it was raining. Again. Or still, it had stopped but it started again. But now its cooler than it was and that sucks. My plan for the week the painter was here was to take our walk early and get dinner downtown, I get my Chinese, and good walks and we get home in time to meet the painter. But. It insists on raining and raining makes my plans all soggy.

You can't eat outside in the rain, you can't walk the dog in the rain. You can't do a whole lot in the rain. This sucks. I did get my Chinese but it wasn't the Chinese food I had planned on and I had to leave the dog in the car.

And I didn't get a walk.

The guys are painting and so far they haven't unplugged my sat - but this time I have a plan, I have my computer and I have a movie and I am good. I might even finally figure out how to stream that new Tina Fey show on Netflix. I am not helpless, I am trapped in the office and there are strangers in my house, but I have  a plan, and in a few days, I'll have my house back.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My own private Eldon, Day 2

Today Eldon brought reinforcements!  . His son. They are sanding with sanders. They also unplugged my sat again so I am at a loss. I did my homework for him  though, he was quite horrified at all the paint we got on the ceiling during its last painting - he hates the popcorn and really, really wants me to pay him to remove it. I told him I don't see that well and the popcorn ceiling isn't the visual roadblock that it is for some people. However, I did spring for ceiling paint to cover up the sloppy traces of yellow paint on it  that add to his all ready deeply offended sense of aesthetics.

Sanding, sanding, sanding.

It rained, but it waited until Dog and I had just started our walk, so we went to Wally instead. When I came back, the painter was waiting, I hurried up to turn off the alarm on my phone and got bags out of the car and sprinted inside - The alarm wasn't ready yet.

It always wants me to test it . It passed! It passed and I got to the control panel before it called the cops.  I didn't feel too dopey. It was a test! I tested it!

The painters son drives a truck with a confederate flag where the front licence plate would be if this were a real state. I think I'm going to get a Hilary sign for my front yard. He is also singing and was playing a radio. I can't watch my TV and he gets a radio? I am annoyed. I hope someone eggs his truck.

Sanding, sanding, sanding. I didn't know I had that many surfaces.

Rocket and I eventually got a real walk and it was nice. On our failed walk earlier, we met one of his little friends and the friend snarled at him and jumped at him! It was not fun. The dogs person was horrified, but everyone was okay and we went on our way. The other dog is an Akita and as pretty as they are, they aren't the friendliest dogs and I wasn't really surprised, frankly, I'm surprised when we run across an Akita and we don't get snapped at.  The guy is really nice and he was thoroughly mortified by it.  I felt him, I knew exactly what was going through his mind and how scared he was. It sucks.


On our  more successful walk later after it stopped pouring,  we met two guys walking four dogs and it was a much better meeting. I did notice that Rocket had his hackles up and I think its because it was remembering his earlier run in with his friend. These new dogs were very nice and it ended much better.

Did I mention I can't watch my TV?

Good God! With the  Sanding! Shite.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My own private Eldon

The Paint is happening. Its the Painter-ing! Tonight in our first installment, Eldon showed up on time, which was a good start. And then he threw up in my yard.

I know this because I had to go to Wally to get the dogs meds - Now $40 less then I was paying before plus the added benefit only being one pill instead of four. And this time I didn't leave in a huff, and I remembered to pick up protean bars. I still need wet dog food, but I can get that tomorrow when I make my daily trip to Wally, because doesn't everyone go to Wally every day?

Before the painter blew chunks, it turns out to be a case of Dinner at Hardys, so he's not hung over or packing illness, but just a bit of bad dinner judgment. A slab of the plaster next to my  front window collapsed ( would be covered by curtains, he's going to fix it up to make it smooth). Water damage, there is more of it around the other windows too. I told him the woodwork was in tough shape, I guess I failed to disclose the plaster was a little fragile in places. The fact I didn't know it was fragile in places probably isn't the best defense. Its an old house, shit happens.

I for got to mention yesterday that I have a new hero. It is my wheel barrow.

I heart my wheel barrow! Thanks to it I was able to unload and transport ten  forty pound bags of dirt from my car to the backyard. This would have killed me if I had to do it myself, with the wheel barrow, I hardly broke a sweat. I did discover that it could only carry two bags at a time, but it got the job done. If you don't have one, get one, they are life savers. Even if you don't use it all the time, its like the tiller - a super useful tool that you will use for years.

Speaking of gardening, I came to a descion about the watering. I'm going to use the sprikler instead of going with the soaker hoses again. Its just so much work getting them in place and I have this really great sprinkler that works like gangbusters and I have been happy with it when used elsewhere in the yard. It will water both garden areas and limit the number of hoses I have scattered all over the yard.

I will be interested to see how the as-yet-unpurchased plants feel about it long haul.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Curtains

Ta Da! New Curtains! Aren't they awesome? I am so happy with the way they turned out. They will be re-hung after the painting is finished, so they will be long enough When the walls are gray  - sometime this week! Everything will really come together.

I did a lot of work this weekend and I still didn't get everything done. I spent Saturday on a historic home tour in New Bern and it was really fun, I love those house tours. I spent Sunday trying to get as much done at my own semi-historic home as I could. I  vacuumed the downstairs, mowed the back yard, amended and tilled the gardens and took the curtain hardware down.

I'm still not done. The bathroom needs my attention and I should clean the kitchen, I'm not going to get to it, but I can try to make it less embarrassing.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

Rained out

Very electric evening. In  that there is lots of thunder and lightening and I fear for my electronics. That being said, I turned said  electronics off for their own safety and my piece  of mind. So... yeah.  I just now thought about going on the laptop battery and unplugging it from the dangerous current , sometimes the stupid, it burns.?

I was useing  a pillow as a pillow but I switched to the Dog because he is firmer  and offers better support. I've  never  worried about my pillow farting , so there  is a downside to the idea. The pillow also never jumped when it heard thunder.

It is  raining  like hell, something tells me I should go and check the basement. ..
I think it's going to be my neglected  basement ferns lucky day, I'm pretty sure they  are going to get a drenching. I moved them into the floor so they can take advantage of what's going to happen. Damn.

Nothing happened, the rain eventually petered out and there was no flooding of the basement or watering of the neglected basement ferns. A good cleaning of the bottom of the stairs is now added to my to-do list.

 It's been raining like a bitch  off and on and I've  been very lucky until now. Now there is already a stream forming. Damn it, which became dang. Hell becomes he'll. Shit  becomes Shut. Bitch  becomes Birch.  And then we get Duck  that became Suck.  It changed the nice word duck to the un -nice word suck. Which means it's either learning me and my word choices or  it's even thicker than I thought it was. 

The spell check didn't  like "stupid" either.  The programmers  must have  been the very specialist snowflakes.

Penis is okay, vagina is okay. Breast is okay. Bottom is okay, ass is not. I am really not a 12 year old boy. I'm going to watch Backstrom  in a few minutes and no 12 year old would ever even think of doing this.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Greening Up

Today I came home from work and worked with the dog on his rolling wheel and then sat outside and read my kindle on my phone. I made a good dinner and took dog for a nice long walk and we met some very nice dogs and I came home and emptied the dishwasher and stripped and made the bed and sorted laundry. I also watched NYPD Blue.

 I did not go to Wally, even though I really need to and I did not actually do any laundry or run the dishwasher, although I still might as I have run out of spoons. I should either be more frugal with my spoon usage or buy more spoons or I could use disposable spoons, but, that would lead to more waste and waste is waste and where does it end?

 Or I could run the dishwasher. But being more frugal with my spoon usage might not be the worst idea to pursue. I am wasteful with my spoons, I use them too often out of habit when I could in theory, use another tool - but I wouldn't know what that tool would be as I use  various size spoons for all my stirring/combining needs. Forks are not good for eating yogurt, for example - however, they work fine for combining wet and dry dog food, so there is a place I could  conserve spoons and utilize another tool on a daily bases so I might avoid having to run the dishwasher because I have run out of spoons.

Conservation is good for us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Season

What is my excuse tonight? We had a staff meeting and it makes my day an hour different and it throw my schedule all off.  Also instead of coming home and making dinner for the dog and I and then going for a bracing walk, the dog and I fell asleep on the couch. He was in daycare all day, it throws his schedule off too.

And then we watched the episode after Sipowitzes wife is shot on NYPD Blue and we got sad too, expesally during the part when Gay John and Andy embrace and Andy tells him he doesn't hold any  bad feelings toward him  for inadvertently setting up the situation that got his wife shot (because he was the worlds most naive adult male and couldn't see crazy when it was flapping it swings and  screaming about energy beams and government implants in front of him) . The dog and I had to sit there and sniffle a little.

I think the next time I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I am going to take the electric blanket off the bed and retire the flannel sheets to the closet for another year. Its just this side of getting too warm for all that armor and its time to dress the bed for spring.

I may even buy myself some new light weight sheets! I have a whole wardrobe of flannel sheets, mood flannel sheets actually, they hall hang out together and I think they get together and do service projects while I'm away. They work well together, all good friends.

My other sheets are sad and lonely and are ageing out. I really am running a kind of nursing home for sad sheets at this point. They always seem okay, right up until their elastic stops working and there you go, they  end up as dog bedding. The elastic on my flannel sheets takes years to age out, because I buy nice flannel sheets, I should stop cheaping out on  regular sheets, they might last longer. Sheets can be an investment piece if you aren't a careful shopper but if you are a careful shopper, you can buy investment quality sheets with the investment. I will buy sheets and I will be careful to not buy more flannel sheets, even if they try to trick me and put pink flowers on them - because they do that! tricksters!

I did a brief look-see at online sheet sales and now I know why I hold on to such old, sad, worn out sheets! Because sheets are expensive and nice sheets that you can not also use as sandpaper, are really expensive.  And also, Wal-Mart sheets are expensive too and  as a bonus,  are made of inferior quality sandpaper!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oopsy! I did housework instead of working on an entry.

I didn't do the current laundry or put away the outstanding laundry. I did decide what I am wearing to work tomorrow and filled Rocket and mine pill cases. I'm still trying to nail down if I am going to take Rocket to daycare tomorrow or not, he had a busy weekend and still seems kind of knackered so he may very well not need to spend the day running around , but on the other hand, its good for him to be around other dogs and stay socialized and an exhausted weim in a happy weim...

I do have a staff meeting tomorrow and it tilts my schedule. I don't like having my scheduled tilted. I like my schedule as flat as the plains. I've goten used to it and now with the time change, I don't have to worry about the staff meeting causeingus to miss our walk because it would get dark before I get home.  And I have been just rescheduling my lunch and going home later - my day starts later so I take lunch later and Rockets schedule is more or less undisturbed - This is what I have been doing for the last several meeting Tuesdays and it has not been a problem. We get our walk .

The truth is, I want to eat lunch at Burger Yucky and the only way I can achieve that goal is to have a daycare day. If I take him to daycare I can get a look at their schedule, they have a scheduled posted online but I don't think that it is going to work for my weekend plans as they are now. I need them to have the same hours for Saturdays as they do for weekdays because otherwise, dog is going to go with me and spend a lot of time cooling his heels in my car in the garage by himself and he hates being by himself. We'll see.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Monday

Yay back to work!

Completely non-controversial pictures of Rocket being the Easter Weimie!

And now one totally controversial picture... Hide your children s eyes!

Burned down the Weimeraners Owners page on Face Book. Spurred these comments

I discovered the wonder of the Hide feature, which disappears these idiots from my airspace and the added beauty of swimming in a pool with a life guard. There are rules and the rules must be followed, I followed the rules and they did not. On the upside, at last count 145 people thought Rocket was cute.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

He's into a retro, 80s Flock of Seagulls thing.